By employing complimentary stone design, our parameter goes beyond the regular use of colours and textures of stone.

We take it much further by recommending minimum stone dimensions, edge finishes for specific stones, mortar colour and joint finishes.

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Our expert craftsmanship in stonework uses a blend of new and traditional methods by which we produce unique creations. From specifying a solid base to the finished work, we excel in every aspect of stonemasonry design and construction

Specialized Skills

  • Carving and cast molds for sculptural garden elements
  • Build heritage dry laid retaining walls
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of stone and their complementary applications


In restoration and renovation of Victorian period homes, we use natural lime and heritage products for our brick and stone replacement, stone patching, mortar matching, replication of joint finishes and brick dyeing.

Specialized Skills

  • Sculpted relief carvings, profiles and details using additive methods (stone patching and sculpting).
  • Stone carving using subtractive method (carving from block of stone)